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      Blackstone ceramics,Foshan ShengShiChang rich new decorative material co., LTD. One of the development of a strong brand。The company through in-depth study and comprehension of ceramic culture,At the same time combined with the western humanism thought,In intellectual with fashion trends。
      As a modern ceramic enterprises,All rich blackstone's exploration and creation,Are based on the advanced production equipment and process。This is not just the rich blackstone product quality assurance,The side of the company production and marketing strength witness。In addition to this,The company is relying on scientific and rigorous、The efficient management pattern of human nature,Tough to followISO9001 And ISO14000 International quality。Combined with the unique qualities of the process control plans and quality inspection,Encourage blackstone products constantly upgrading,Close to the modern development present situation,To meet the consumption demand of consumers increasingly rich。
      Has always been,Rich blackstone uphold the unique cultural proposition,In high quality、Specialization、Under the integration of creative talents,Internalization of ceramic products unique personality charm。Rich blackstone series products,Always the cultural depth with grace style、Texture rich artistic aesthetic feeling and is famous for its strong as the quality of a material of qing,Is the project the user's choice。Now,After the unremitting efforts,Rich blackstone products in the domestic set up stable status,And has to look at more competitive international market。


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