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Tungsten steel burs

2、Diamond stone mill head

Low speed Dlamond Burs

3、Sintering diamond stone mill head


Four、Diamond Shi Sha slices

Diamond Wheel

Five、Ceramic grinding head(Stone)

Ceramicgrin grin dingtools

Six、Dental silicone rubber grinding head

Silicone Rubber Mounited Stone

Seven、Silicon carbide burs

High speed Dlamond Burs

Eight、With a brush

Polishing Brush

Nine、Clamp the stone needle


Ten、Wool grinding head

Wool Mounited stone

11、The mechanic of materials

Mechanic material
About us


      Grassland, gold terry Czech rj grinding tool co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of cutting tool、Abrasive tool specialized factory。The factory selects high quality tungsten steel materials、Throw mill material,The use of advanced processing technology,Production of all kinds of rotary cutting and grinding and polishing tools,Product quality is reliable。The handle is made of high quality material and plating,Size precision,Can cooperate with any handpiece。
     We are always adhering to the for many years“High quality products、High-quality service、Honest and trustworthy”The management idea,Won the praise of the broad masses of customers at home and abroad,And with the domestic and foreign merchants established a good relationship。We will constantly improve the quality of service in the future,To produce more high-quality products to new and old customers return the love。

       Hanzhong jintai Precise Abrasive Tool Factory Collection grinds the manufacturer who sends out,produces, sells for an integral whole cutting tool,grinding apparatus special field. The factory selects and uses high grade wolfram steel material, throws mill material, adopt advanced handicraft treating, the implement, product quality producing the various revolution cutting tool and polising polising are reliable. The handle adopt high grade material and electroplating, the dimension are precise, may coordinate with any handpiece.
       We obey “the high-quality goods, first class of service, the honesty and trustworthiness” managing all the time for many years idea, has won the favourable comment reaching the extensive customer of abroad in the homeland,the visitor has built and fine relation with home and abroad. We are able to improve self’s service unceasingly in the days to come, produce the great kindness coming to repay the old and new customer more the high grade product.


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