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       Hebi coal city HuaWeiKe force instrument co., LTD is a professional sales and developmentThe coal test equipment,Coal quality analysis instrumentOne of the high-tech joint-stock enterprises,Its main products areThe quantity of heat meter(Calorific value of coal),Sulfur meter(Sulfur meter),The microcomputer industry analyzer,Muffle furnace energy saving,Microcomputer ash melting point apparatus,Moisture meter,Coal nitrogen determination apparatus,Coal fluorine chlorine tester,Coal five elements,Multifunction low temperature dry distillation apparatus,Sample preparation crusher.

       HuaWeiKe power coal quality instrument co., LTD. Has advanced testing equipment,So the products are of high reliability and stability。

       HuaWeiKe force products unconditionally:Keep back a month;Confirmed in three months;24 months warranty;To provide high quality service for life!

       Can provide users with thoughtful HuaWeiKe force、Quickly、Professional pre-sales、Sale、After-sales service and localization service,Products are widely used in coal、Electric power、Metallurgy、Chemical and geological prospecting industries laboratory department。

       Since the formation of HuaWeiKe force,Has established a installation and after-sales service team,Focus on customer needs,Continually improve product reliability,Maintainability,Economy, Perfect pre-sale、Sales and after-sales service----Build customer file,Product archives and the archives service,Provide professional、Localization services,Together with you attention we sold of each instrument。I They believe that,Service is the life of the enterprise。

       Hebi coal city HuaWeiKe force instrument co., LTD,Located in hebi city industrial park,Companies adhering to the"With high quality、Efficient、Innovation、Beyond"The management idea,Hard work、Forge ahead,The scale and benefit of the company growing and improving。Stick to it"Good faith for this",Always take customer satisfaction as the starting point and the ultimate aim of the company,Set a good corporate image。

Hebi coal city HuaWeiKe force instrument co., LTD

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