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  • 《Enshi blue sky wedding》

    《The blue sky》Set a large celebration etiquette、 Wedding wedding planning、Band、Advertising、Photography 、Performance equipment rental to a team of professionals。The phone:13886799922

  • 《Enshi blue sky for performing arts》

    To undertake:Weddings, funerals、The opening ceremony、Band,The performance equipment rental,The blue sky,First-class service。Contact phone number:13886799922

  • 《Enshi blue sky leasing》

    For rent:The stage、The lights、The stereo、Truss、Arch performance equipment rental, etc。Contact phone number:13886799922 The blue sky,First-class service。

  • 《Blue sky studios》

    Music production,Professional recording studio,Professional system of spectrum j。Contact phone number:13886799922

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    Enterprise is introduced


《Enshi blue sky culture media》Set a large celebration、 The wedding、Advertising、Photography 、Etiquette 、Band、Equipment leasing,Recording studio,Music made to a team of professionals.  13886799922 To undertake;Enshi,JianShi,Shane,LaiFeng...

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